Wafa Benromdan - Reflectum Speculum [13 August 2015]

        Reflectum Speculum is a non-place made to explore some psychosensory cavities by spacing the limits of reality. Halfway between a strange periscope and a kaleidoscope whose vision of the environment is both a representation of reality and away from it. A dynamic scene setting of the decor and the individuals. This installation opens a door on an exterior while the attention of the person is catalyzed inwardly.

    By playing on the double meaning of the verb ”reflect": to think and to return back an image, the use of the mirrors is a contemplative invitation throughout a visual journey. Guiding the experience of the individuals in a reflection based on the narrative potential of an arrangement of reflective surfaces and a light atmosphere. Leading them to a state of consciousness by returning back a fragmented picture of themselves repeated endlessly. The mirror here is a pretext suggesting to re-think the space and ourselves, inviting us to a meeting, encounter or even to a potential way of exceeding our realities. Opening a door to another time and space, ethereal but possible and consciously reachable.

Concept and design : Wafa Benromdan
Sound design : Zied Meddeb Hamrouni
Technical production : Sami Belatra