Tropikal Camel - Eretz

8 May 2015 • Cassette/Digital • Fullfridge • Buy/download

“Eretz” is the biblical Hebraic word for homeland. But the Tropikal Camel takes it back to the primal meaning of “earth”, thus restoring its brotherhood with the arabic root “Ardh”. Echoing his very own history, this raises a fundamental question: “what is home?”. He fills his music with a deeper dimension, both mystical and social, chaotic and meditative.


        Born and raised in Jerusalem, Roi Assayag moved to Berlin in 2013, where he currently lives and works. His new project is the musical depiction of a seminal journey into his arab roots. Soul-searching through his intricate identity, he takes us from Kurdistan and Iraq to Morocco. This is how the Tropikal Camel is born: an arab Jew, chasing the lost connection to his arab culture.
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