Nuri - Drup

21 August 2017 • Vinyl & digital • Shouka • Buy/download
Drup is a tribute to Tunisia's African heritage, a bridge to ancient traditions, replete with percussions and vocals from all over the mother continent, and also from Asia, combined with digital work to constitute an amalgam of then and now.

        Mohamed Amine Ennouri was born in 1987 in Tunis, where he started his musical career. As a drummer and a composer, he was at the inception of the Tunisian alternative scene, joining epochal and experimental projects such as Gultrah Sound System and Chabbouba, and collaborating with independent artists such as Haydar Hamdi and Wael Jegham (Ghoula).

        Now living in Copenhagen, Nuri is one of the upcoming promising musicians of African futurism, mixing deep bass, organic percussion with poly rhythmic grooves, sharing bills with names like Clap Clap and Dengue Dengue Dengue. His debut album Drup was composed mostly on the island of Bornholm, in Denmark, where he regularly retreats for creative introspection.