Farouk Adil & Olivier Chantôme - The Divine Comedy

16 February 2019 • Digital • Self released • Buy/download
This is a musical exploration, a tribute to one of the most famous European literary works: Dante’s Divine Comedy. As if the native of Baghdad overturned cultural codes to share his own vision of the Tuscan poet’s themes. A travel, a quest for the salvation of the soul where Farouk Adil's inititates a re-reading that emancipates from the European culture, from which the original work was produced; In which task he is accompanied by the French photographer Olivier Chantôme. Together, they draw a poetic piece that universalizes the vision of the Tuscan poet
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    Farouk Adil was born in Badgad in 1990 and remains one of the major references of the small Iraqi experimental scene. He and a few of his friends are still working to create an artistic movement that will emancipate the Iraqi youth from the inertia in which it is immersed, thanks to the multiple crises that the country is still undergoing.

    Musician of the soul, Farouk frees himself from every mental and cultural barrier. First attracted by post-rock, then by alternative rock, he eventually turned to electronic and especially ambient music, which allows him to invoque Robin Guthrie as well as The Caretaker, a wide spectrum least to say.