Arabstazy is an intuitive multidisciplinary artistic platform that is dedicated to the research of the connection between heritage, identity, culture and digital arts. Our main vision is to create a free form mindset representing the new wave of North African/Middle Eastern futurism . A vision that is autonomic and personal, and aware of its representation. One that immerse its roots into the future.

  The basic foundation of Arabstazy’s artistic language is the research of the various elements of ritual within the North African and Middle Eastern legacy. From these elements we create our own contemporary ceremony that is an interactive experiment involving improvisation and meditation, releasing the spirits, negotiating with the demons within.

  Our aim is to give a futuristic audio visual performance offering a singular reading of the ceremonies of healing and ecstasy: live electronic music synced with video installations. Traditional instruments and analogue machines, guitar drones and polyrhythmic percussive loops, acidic maqamat sequences and roaring vocals. It goes beyond just an electronic music show: it is a digital performance that has a meaning and a story.

  We offer a multi sensorial club experience that alter and deform the classic dance spirit, to take it to a higher level, attracting the ear and the eye, the scent and the mind, the conscience and the body. It is an identity quest that evolves into a new artistic language, one which has been released from the colonialist perspective, that has a deep respect for the tradition, with heads up towards the future. Urban but tribal, dramatic but minimal, full of contradictions and still keeping the harmonic balance. Welcome to planet Arabstazy.

  Arabstazy was formed by tunisian electronic musician Mettani in Paris as a platform that produce and promote events and showcases of electronic music from north Africa and the middle east. Its mother ship is label Shouka which is dedicated to release original music.

  « Once you step out of it, you are faced with a broader form of social hegemony, a global one that doesn’t recognise your individuality either because your passport says it all: Arab, Muslim, belly dancing, tabla, hookah, etc. Arabstazy transcends the classifications and the ready-made one-size-fits-all profiles to give you the ultimate truth: you, my friend, are a bastard. »
(Niveen Ghoneim for Cairo scene)

  « Behind the coolest name of this line-up is Arabstazy, a testimony to the vitality of the electronic underground scene. This very unruly collective had a futuristic and noise frenzy glowing over a curious and eager public extremely aware of new electronic experiences. »
(Theophile Pillaut for Vice & Trax)